60mm) in diameter and weigh 0

## ## Malaysia New Commemorative Coins

Malaysia Commemorative Coins 2012 for Coin CollectorsIf you collect coins either as a hobby or investment, then there’s good news. Malaysian Central Bank, Bank Negara, launched the new Malaysian Commemorative Coins 2012 which were issued in the denominations of 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen. See photo above for image of coins.

This is the third in the series of Malaysian coins. So if you are a banknote collector, then this is good news as well. UPDATE July 2012: Bank Negara Malaysia issued new banknotes that comprises of RM100, RM20, RM10, RM5 and RM1 denominations. The RM20 note, which was taken out from the series, is now back. The RM5 and RM1 banknotes are now in new polymer substrate. It is in the form of nature, flora and fauna, and traditional handicraft. (see photo)

These new coins are now in circulation since 16th January 2012. A perfect timing to coincide with the Chinese New Year. As part of the Chinese New Year tradition, ang pows , or red packet that is filled with money, will be given out to youngsters or the unmarried, when they come to visit during Chinese New Year celebration. Usually, it will be new bank notes, but with the new coins, it will be a novelty to put these new coins instead. A pretty heavy ang pows to be carrying around!

Malaysian Currency : New Malaysian Commemorative Coins Our Malaysian currency, previously known as Malaysian dollars, is now known as Malaysian Ringgit. This change happened in 1993 and what was M$ is now replaced by RM (Ringgit Malaysia). However, internationally the currency code, MYR, is more widely used.

There were several New Malaysian Commemorative Coins and Banknotes issued when these happen. However, you have to do a search on a regular basis, as it is not available for sale all the time.

The RM1 is divided into 100 sen and the current exchange rate varies between US$1 = RM3.20 to RM3.00. about US$0.32) It used to be cheaper than that, but the price of goods have now gone up. I guess that’s why the new coins are smaller and lighter, ‘cos we got to carry more to pay for what used to cost less!

The existing coins (see photo below), which were in circulation for more than 20 years, will gradually be phased out and replaced with these new coins. So, if you are a coin collector, it’s a good idea to start collecting the old coins now.

The new coin design : Malaysia New Commemorative Coins These new coins are claimed to have the latest improvements in minting technology with counterfeit resistance security features. Even the new metal alloy is designed for durability against wear and corrosion.

The coins are also designed to assist the visually impaired to differentiate the different denominations through its dissimilar sizes and the edge designs. our national flower, the hibiscus.

The design on the reverse side varies and is as follows:

50 sen coin value

The motif featured on the new 50 sen coin value is the pea tendrils, a design that is traditionally used by the woodcarvers and silversmiths. See photo below for image of coins. If the coin is tilted slightly, the latent image of 50sen can be seen. This is one of the security features of this new coin. (See photo above). The other security feature is the fine lines in the motif background.

The coin is of Alloy Nickel Brass Clad Copper and measures 0.89 inches (22.65mm) in diameter and weigh 0.2 oz (5.66 gm)

20 sen coin value

The 20 sen coin design motif is that of jasmine flower, a flower that has cultural significant value among Malaysia’s three major races. Malaysia is a multicultural and multi ethnic country with Malay, Chinese and Indian being the major racial components in the country.

The security feature is the ‘destar siga’ cloth motif that is set in the background to the jasmine flower. See photo below for image of coins.

The coin is of Nickel Brass and measures 0.81 inches (20.60mm) in diameter and weigh 0.147 oz (4.18gm)

5 sen coin value

This is the smallest coin denomination in our Malaysian currency. We used to have the 1 sen coin, but is slowly being phased out by rounding up or down of the sales value to the nearest 5 sen. So, we have fewer coins to carry!

The new 5 sen coin motif features the ‘destar siga’ cloth design (see photo below for image of coins). This is a fabric weaving design from the Kadazan Dusun tribe, in Sabah, one of the states in Malaysia. The fabric is usually woven from yards of black thread and superimposed with threads of various colors. It is used as headdress during traditional ceremonies.

The security feature is the pea tendrils set as the background of the ‘destar siga’ pattern.

The coin is stainless steel and measures 0.70 inches (17.78mm) in diameter and weighs 0.061oz (1.72gm)5 years ago

I am interested in learning about coins from various countries, but there are so many countries I miss some. Happily I have learned here.

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